NOSA client journeys

our client journeys

We understand that finding the right talking therapist for you is a challenge. Reading about the experiences of people just like you can help to build confidence in the CBT specialist you choose, and this is why we like to share our client journeys. Below are some real examples of the experiences people have had with NOSA. These have been anonymised to protect confidentiality.


Jenny Hilly

anxiety and OCD

I had suffered with anxiety for many years but it became unmanageable during the first part of the covid 19 pandemic and was seriously affecting my daily life and relationships. I sought professional help through my GP who prescribed medications and a referral for speaking therapies. I didn’t take the medications but knew waiting any longer could have resulted in a further decline in my mental health. I was warned the wait for NHS help was 6 months, so I decided to seek professional help though private speaking therapies; it actually was a year before I was contacted with NHS help.


Peter Garrison

health anxiety

About twenty years ago, after a few bereavements and health scares involving family members, I experienced anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I developed health anxiety and convinced myself I was dying. Every day was a struggle; I wasn’t sleeping and wasn’t eating. I went to the doctor’s repeatedly and, eventually, I was prescribed citalopram. Over a few months the symptoms diminished and slowly I returned to my normal anxious self.