accessing therapy


accessing therapy

Expert practitioners at NOSA are here to support you in tackling the anxiety problems you face each day. Get in contact with our friendly team to book your initial assessment.

how will I receive therapy?

While our main office is located in Staple Hill, Bristol, we offer our therapy services to anyone in the UK. We have three main platforms for providing therapy to our clients. Your treatment may include a mixture of these formats, to offer you the most tailored and efficient package possible.

  • Visiting the NOSA clinic: we appreciate it is not possible for all our clients to travel to our clinic. However, for all those that can, we encourage you to visit our tranquil therapy clinic to receive your sessions. Our comfortable private clinic has been designed as a safe space for those living with anxiety, with sofas, tea and coffee facilities, and friendly faces that will make you feel welcome each session.
  • Online therapy: Zoom enables us to provide therapy sessions to clients remotely. This is great for conducting sessions that do not require face-to-face work and is the preference for many of our clients.
  • Outreach work: By outreach, we mean seeing people in their own homes and communities. Most talking therapies are delivered through weekly sessions of one hour and require the client to travel to the therapist’s clinic. This may be suitable for many but it can present several problems and disadvantages when considering the treatment of anxiety problems. One problem might be that the client finds it difficult to attend due to the nature of their specific problems. For example, someone experiencing obsessive compulsive problems may find it too overwhelming to attend a clinic that triggers their fears about being contaminated. We are therefore happy to travel to you and conduct extended sessions if necessary.

NOSA is committed to providing flexible therapy that is convenient to the people we work with. We are always happy to change the way you receive therapy to meet your needs.

booking your therapy sessions with NOSA

All treatments at NOSA start with an (up to 2-hour) assessment session to discuss your needs, plan your treatment, and get to know you. We appreciate that first contact can be a daunting and anxiety provoking experience. It is important to us that we form trusting and warm relationships with the people we work with, right from the point of entry. We therefore put extra effort into making sure you feel heard and supported during all communication with us. You can use the form below or telephone us to book your initial appointment.

NOSA assessment sessions cost £90, with each 60-minute session following your assessment costing £90. NOSA can, from time to time, offer concessions to those who may not be able to cover the full price of our therapy. This is done at our discretion and you can enquire for details by contacting us.